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NMG April/May Spotlight 2007
Steve Cropper A founding member of The Mar-keys, Booker T. and the MG's, and the Blues Brothers, his guitar playing is legendary world wide.

May 2011 Spotlight
Sam Bush 3 time Grammy winner and one of my musical heros for 40 years. Multi instrumentalist, Mr. Sam Bush.

Review of live show 2010
Kentucky Thunder Four of the Best Nashville has to offer, Kentucky Thunder. Vickie Carrico, Jonell Mosser, Etta Britt, Sheila Lawrence

NMG Feb/March 2009 Spotlight
Dave Pomeroy Bass player, producer, songwriter, session leader, and the president of the Nashville Musicians Union, Local 257.

Bil VornDick Interview February 2008
Bil VornDick He's recorded over 600 albums, had five number 1 hits in five different genres and 45 Grammy nominations with 8 Grammy winning projects

Jimmy Capps Interview August 2009
Jimmy Capps Jimmy has been playing guitar on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville for 51 years and played on hundreds of great records.

Mark Beckett Interview May 2010
Mark Beckett Mark Beckett is one of the best drummers/percussionists in Nashville. Staff drummer on the Grand Ol' Opry and an incredible studio musician too.

Tribute to Doc Watson (1923-2012)
Doc Watson His musical legacy will live forever and one of the greatest guitar players of all time.

October 2007 interview with
The Bowmans Two extremely talented sisters from Iowa signed to the label Mother West and whose music is very very special.

NMG October Spotlight 2006
Charlie McCoy Charlie has released 38 albums as an artist and he's played harmonica on thousands of sessions. A real American musical treasure.

NMG September Spotlight 2006
Bill Hullett In one 10 year span alone Bill played guitar on over 5000 sessions including recording with artists like George Jones, Merle Haggard and Marty Robbins.

NMG November 2010
Tim Gonzalez Tim's a great guy and an awesome harmonica player who bases out of Nashville.

January 2012 interview with
Dallas Frazier Mega Hit songwriter Dallas Frazier has had over 300 cuts which include classics like "Elvira" & "There Goes My Everything".

January 2011 interview with
Taylor Made Produced by Dale Morris and Dan Mitchell, these 3 siblings from West Virginia are moving up the charts fast.

NMG July Spotlight 2010
Tribute to Hank Cochran Musician, artist, hit songwriter, studio owner, the great Hank Cochran. (1935-2010)

August 2011 interview with
Dick McVey He's a bass player to the Stars, a producer, studio owner, agent, manager, and on and on. 30 years in Nashville and a music man you should know about.

December 2006 interview with
Michael Mason Bromley One of the best singers and songwriters in Nashville and a recording aritst I am proud to produce.

April 2011 interview with
Jan Rietman Internationally reknowned pianist from Belgium, Jan Rietman, has been recording in Nashville with producder, Bil VornDick.

NMG Spotlight 2010
Richie Owens Producer, band leader, artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist.

New Artist Spotlight
Brian Duckworth He's a musician, a singer, a songwriter, and he's 1/3 of the group Taylor Made.

April 2012 Interview
Tyrone Carreker Blues guitar player, songwriter, artist Tyrone Carreker moved to Nashville from Detroit.

February 2011 interview with
Carl Knight 81 year old songwriter Carl Knight has had more than 45 cuts and he's still writing great songs!

NMG Spotlight 2010
Craig Duncan Band leader, Producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Author, Craig has released more than 70 albums as a recording artist world wide along with many books.

NMG Producer Spotlight 2012
Bill Green Producer, publisher, engineer, musician, Bill has been producing for over 30 years and is based in San Antonio, Texas.

NMG Oct/Nov 2007 Spotlight
Reggie Young One of the most recorded guitar players of all time, Reggie recorded with Elvis and opened for The Beatles.

NMG March 2011 Spotlight
Suzy Bogguss A Platinum selling recording artist, Suzy Bogguss has released 13 albums and toured a dozen countries.

NMG May 2007 interview with
Taz DiGregorio Keyboard player for The Charlie Daniels Band, Taz DiGregorio has been playing music with Charlie Daniels for more than 40 years.

New Artist Spotlight October 2011
Finnders and Youngberg Meet Finnders and Youngberg, one of the hottest bands in the state of Colorado.

NMG June/July 2009 interview with
Kenny Malone He's played percussion on over 300 albums with some of the worlds greatest songwriters and artists of all time.

November 2014 interview with Chad Elliott
Chad Elliott Artist/singer/songwriter Chad Elliott makes the state of Iowa very proud as he tours the country, singing his songs and making his mark on Iowa music as he prepares to release his 20th album of original songs.

NMG Septmember 2010 interview with
Thomas Cain Thomas has a great voice, he plays piano, organ, and trumpet. Producer, publisher, songwriter, session player, band leader, educator, Thomas and I first met in 1984.

Tribute to Pete Drake (1932-1988)
Pete Drake was one of the greatest steel guitar players of all time. Producer, Musician, Publisher, Mentor, and Friend.

Tribute to Earl Scruggs (1924-2012)
Earl Scruggs left a musical legacy that will live forever. My tribute to the great Earl Scruggs.

Texaco Country Showdown
Texaco Country Showdown 2010 Getting ready to celebrate 30 years this very cool talent competition is one of the best and still going strong.

NMG Dec/Jan 2010 Spotlight
Craig Krampf Drummer, Producer, Songwriter, Craig has played on over 250 albums with some of the greatest and is still going strong.

Interview with Johnny Garcia
Johnny Garcia Guitar player & music director for Trisha Yearwood, guitar player for Garth Brooks. Producer, songwriter, publisher, Johnny is also one great guy!

March 2011 Artist Spotlight
Megan Ellis Based in Nashville, Megan Ellis is an up and coming country artist to keep your eye on because she's real, real, special.

NMG Oct 2010 Spotlight
Wayne Moss Founding member of Barefoot Jerry, Area Code 615, and The Escorts, and owner of Cinderella Studio in Nashville, since 1960.

NMG Spotlight 2010
Carolyn Martin 11 years with the Time Jumpers and a great artist in her own right.

July 2011 Interview
Kirk "Jelly Roll" Johnson One of the finest harmonica players on the planet.

NMG Dec/Jan 2009 Spotlight
Cactus Moser A great drummer, great singer, great songwriter, great producer, and a founding member of Highway 101.

NMG Dec./Jan. 2007 Spotlight
Wanda Vick One of the finest multi instrumentalists based in Nashville, Wanda has played on thousands of sessions.

January 2012 Interview
Peter F. Nostrand Peter has composed, recorded, and released 3 albums independently. Romantic instrumental music for the big screen and television is his forte and he's very very good at it.

October 2011 Interview
Trent Jeffcoat Artist/songwriter and quite a talent from South Carolina, Trent is quickly moving up the ladder of success on Music Row.

Barry "Byrd" Burton (1946-2008) My tribute to guitar player and producer of the Amazing Rhythm Aces. A multi instrumentalist and one of the Best ever.

June 2008 interview with
Jake McVey A young Iowa artist who travels the country playing every chance he gets while quickly gaining attention on a national level.

NMG Dec./Jan.2008 Spotlight
Musicians Hall Of Fame & Museum A story about this very cool facility and museum here in Nashville.

NMG Aug/Sept Spotlight 2007
Richie Albright In the world of country music, Richie Albright has made history as a drummer, songwriter, and as a producer. 28 years with Waylon Jennings.

Live show Review 2010
Jammin' at Hippie Jacks Live show review, Jonell Mosser and Judson Spence, taping for this awesome Indy TV show.

Interview with The Melismatics at SXSW 2010.
The Melismatics Since 2000, The Melismatics have just kept on Rockin! I joined them again this year in Austin, TX and had a good visit.

Interview with Woody Platt 2011
Steep Canyon Rangers Bluegrass music at it's finest, The Steep Canyon Rangers are on tour with Steve Martin.

Jennie Hoeft Interview September 2008
Jennie Hoeft Earl Gaines, Victor Wooten, The Warren Brothers, BadaBing BadaBoom, Eddie Mugavero, and the Pat Patrick Band are just a few Jen has played drums with.

June 2008 interview with
Michael "Supe" Granda Bass player and founding member of The Ozark Mountain Daredevils who have sold over 2 million records world wide.

September 2009 interview with
Alison Prestwood Alison has played bass with Brooks & Dunn, Little Richard, Peter Frampton, Vince Gill and Amy Granton, to name just a few.

April 2010 interview with
Pat Flynn For 10 years the guitar player for New Grass Revival and he's played on over 400 albums. Musician, producer, songwriter and artist.

Review of Meat N 3 performing in Franklin, TN
Meat N 3 Ricky Ray, Bee Spears & Richie Albright, performing as a trio.

February/March 2008 interview with
Steve Hinson One of the most highly respected musicians in the Nashville music community, Steve Hinson can flat out playyy.

Shaun Murphy Interview
Shaun Murphy has sang with Little Feat, Bob Seger, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, and now she's gone solo and you just have to know about her.

April 2011 Songwriter Spotlight
Danny Wells Interview with Hit songwriter, member of BMI's Million Air club, and a friend since 1984, an interview with Danny Wells.

July 2011 Musicians Spotlight
Joe "Hoze" Fleming He's one of the best guitar players in Nashville, he's played with Michael Jackson, Aaron Neville, Wayne Moss, and so many more.

New Artist Spotlight
Wendy Williams Wendy is one fine singer and a performing artist from West Virginia.

Musician Spotlight
Gary Talley Gary is an incredible guitar player/guitar teacher and a founding member of The Boxtops.

Tom Mason CD Review
Tom Mason "Alchemy" If you don't know Tom Mason and his music, you really need to check him out. Really.

March 2008 interview with
Razzy Bailey An award winning songwriter whose had five #1 records as a recording artist.

Jim Sanford (1946-2008) My tribute to my dear friend and one great musician, Jim Sanford.

Producer Spotlight
Dean Miller Producer, artist, songwriter, musician, Dean Miller was born into the music business.

NMG November Spotlight 2006
Don Kelly A musician, singer, songwriter and band leader known for his ability to entertain. A real pro and one of the most respected band leaders in the country.

New Artist Spotlight
Greg Duckworth He's a singer, a West Virginia State Trooper, 1/3 of the family trio, Taylor Made.

NMG February Spotlight 2007
Jason Fitz
Jason played violin at Carnegie Hall when he was 10 years old. A member of the famous Nashville String Machine.

Gospel Music Association
Trinity Music City The Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2012.

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